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Welcome to Wandel Group Of Companies

We Are The One Stop Engineering Solutions

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Welcome to Wandel Group of Companies

  1. Discuss your manufacturing operation with our Sales team to automate and optimized your procsses.
  2. Our Designers shall proposed a cost effective one stop enginering solutions which incorporate mechanical, electrical, and pnematic ; and with safety features.
  3. Our manufacturing facilities of CNC, milling and turning machines with our machining capabilities and fabrication enable us to "Exceed Customer Expection".
  4. We are committed to "Value Added Service", Quality, Cost and Delivery with our team of Designers, Service and Quality Asurance Engineers.

Our Product Expertise

  1. One Stop Engineering Solutions. (Analysis, design, fabrication ,assembly and commissioning)
  2. Box build assembly jig & fixture.
  3. Customize machine.
  4. Pallet / carriage.
  5. Automation solution.
  6. Electrical wiring & control system.
  7. Measurement tool & CTQ jig.
  8. Routing jig.
  9. TM robot.

Wandel Company Profile

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Zero-tolerance towards corruption for internal (staff) and external parties (contractors, suppliers, customers and joint ventures)